Notable Regulations Issued March 2011

Some notable regulations issued during the month of March 2011:

1. BIR Revenue Regulations No 4-2011, which deals with the allocation of costs and expenses among income earnings of banks and other financial institutions for income tax reporting purposes;

2. BIR Regulations No. 5-2011, which amends previous regulations governing “de minimis” benefits;

3. DOLE Department Order No. 112-11, which governs the implementation of the special leave benefits for women employees in the private sector;

4. SC Administrative Matter No. 11-3-6-SC, regarding the amendment of Section 12, Rule 14 of the Rules of Court on Service Upon a Foreign Private Judicial Entity;

5. Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 1100356, which governs access to SALNs of government officials and employees filed with the CSC.


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