Early release of retirement benefits

Republic Act No. 10154 mandates the release of the  retirement, pensions,  gratuities, and  other  benefits  of a  retiring  government  employee  within a period  of  thirty  (30)  days   from  the   date   of  the   actual retirement  of said employee.  This assumes that all  requirements  are  submitted  to  the   concerned  government  agency  at least 90 days prior to the effective date of retirement.

In the case of retiring government employees with pending cases and whose retirement benefits are being lawfully withheld due to possible pecuniary liability, the head of the agency where such case is pending must ensure that the said case shall be terminated and/or resolved within a period of three (3) months from the date of the retirement of the concerned employee.  In case the concerned agency fails to terminate and/or resolve the case within the said period without any justifiable reason(s), the retirement benefits due to the employee must be immediately released to him without prejudice to the ultimate resolution of the case; except, when the delay is deliberately caused by the retiring employee.

RA No. 10154 covers all agencies and/or instrumentalities of the government, including government-owned and/or -controlled corporations (GOCCs), but excluding personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and is  applicable both to applications for compulsory retirement and optional or early retirement as authorized by law.


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