1.    On which devices can I read Herald’s Philippine law e-books?

You can read the e-books on your PC, Mac, Blackberry, IPhone, IPad, Android device, and Windows Phone 7.

2.       Do I need Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader to read Herald’s Philippine law e-books?

You don’t need to have a Kindle reader to read the e-books.  You just need to install the free Kindle software in your PC or other preferred reading device.  The Kindle software is available at the Amazon website.

3.     Can I read the e-books on multiple devices?

Yes, you can download an e-book you purchased into several devices (for example, your PC, your IPad, and your phone). You can read the e-book on each of your devices.


4.     Do I need to open an Amazon account to purchase an e-book?

You need to open an Amazon account to purchase an e-book.  To go to the Amazon website, click here.

5.     Do I need to be a US resident to open an Amazon account?

You don’t need to be a US resident to open an Amazon account.  Philippine residents can open an Amazon account.

6.     How do I pay for the e-book?

You need to purchase the e-book through your credit card.  Amazon accepts credit cards issued in the Philippines.

7.     Can I download a free sample of the e-book before I purchase it?

You can download a free sample from the Amazon website. For certain e-books, you can also freely browse selected pages of the e-book at the Amazon website.

8.     What is the price of each e-book?

The price ranges from US$2.50 to US$7.50.

9.      Where else can I buy the e-books?

Herald’s Philippine law e-books are currently available only at Amazon.


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